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Over the years, Guy has developed a unique approach to spiritual counseling that combines traditional counseling techniques with a deep understanding of spirituality and the human experience. He believes that everyone has a unique path to spiritual fulfillment, and his role as a spiritual director is to help individuals identify and follow that path.

In addition to his work as a counselor, Guy is also a prolific writer on spiritual topics. He has authored several books on spirituality and personal growth, including “The Path to Inner Peace” and “Finding Your Spiritual Center.” He is also a sought-after speaker and has given numerous talks on spirituality and the human experience.

Despite his many accomplishments, Guy remains humble and dedicated to his work. He is deeply passionate about helping others find their spiritual path and believes that everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Through his counseling, writing, and speaking, Guy continues to inspire and guide individuals on their spiritual journey.

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“While words like compassionate, skillful, and seasoned begin to describe Guy as a teacher/counselor, a quality of depth and dynamism emanates, like a fresh fragrance, into each of our interactions.  Something greater seems to work through Guy to bring growth and healing into our world.”


“I would invite anyone who’s interested in meditation and spirituality, at any level, from the first timer to advanced meditator to give themselves the gift of attending a gathering facilitated by Guy. It is through his deep personal connection that his intuition is derived and guidance is channeled. I’ve had deep and transformative experiences with meditation and community through his presence and teaching. He is truly a blessing for those that get the opportunity for this experience!”

“(Guy).. you taught me being from the Army that it’s ok to slow down and give myself the guided time and focus I need. Without you teaching me ok how to meditate, I would still be running around with my head cut off never feel like I ever made it home from Afghanistan. You have changed my life for the better beyond I could have ever imagined.”

Tim (Veteran) 

“I first met Guy when I was in a very rough place in my life; I had backed myself into a corner with drugs and alcohol yet again! I was familiar with the 12 steps and had seen them work in my life and countless others; however, I was lacking in my spiritual life, my connection to something greater than myself. […] Working with Guy has helped me see how it all truly is a miracle to be here; life is beautiful and unique. Guy Yeadon is a massive part of my walk, and I am eternally grateful for that. “


“I am indebted to you as you were there for me through my ups and downs. I can’t adequately express how meaningful your guidance, wisdom, and tireless support were in helping me quit my drug addiction. I want you to know that I now live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life to the fullest, connected to my family and friends. Thanks again for all that you’ did to help me live the life we both knew I could have.”


“For 30 years, I’d been trying and failing to incorporate a meditation practice into my spiritual life. My decades-long attempt at a writing career had been an utter failure, and I found myself adrift emotionally and spiritually in Austin, TX. A good friend dragged me to his weekly meditation meeting at this low ebb. The teacher was a man named Guy. I came back the next week and the week after and began to practice his simple teachings on my walks, at home, and in the car, and I began to change…. my entire life has changed for the better. If you’re struggling, please give yourself the gift of a few minutes with this amazing man. “

Courtney S.

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